Kama monitors

"The (Kama 7) speakers are fantastically accurate but perhaps more importantly are immensely listenable......clean, open and fast. They also produce a size of sound which is quite extraordinary. And there is plenty of bass, with a lovely midrange and very sweet highs. The imaging is perfect." buyer E.S. 15-9-2014

The Kamas are floor-standing loudspeakers reproducing the full range of frequencies, from deep bass to sparkling highs. Like all loudspeakers in the Kangaroo range, they have the fast, open sound making them equally ideal for reproducing the dynamics of 'live' music and the drama of home theatre. Fed with well-recorded music through high quality front-end electronics, the Kamas will sound superb in any top-of-the-range stereo system. They also make excellent front speakers in a high quality home-theatre surround-sound system when combined with other Legend speakers such as the Kangas, Joeys and Kurlette.

Kama oblique                 Kama ofrontal

Although the basic form and sound of the Kamas has remained the same since their introduction in 1997, we have continually improved the drivers, cabinets & crossovers for even better sound quality.

Nic Tatham, editor of Which? Loudspeaker magazine, said in his review of the original Kama 1s "The most noticeable sonic quality of the Kamas is their ability to sound wholly clean, natural and accurate. These speakers pull no punches, and are incredibly true to life in their handling of music".

Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine also enthused about the Kama 2s "The larger and classy-looking floorstanders, the Kamas, share with the Joeys the excellent build quality and attention to detail that their maker does so well - craftsmanship. And they share the same sweet sounding and intrinsically alluring midrange performance that makes the Joeys so enjoyable to listen to."

Reviewing Legend's Kama 5s in 'Australian Hi-fi', editor Greg Borrowman said "I was absolutely floored by the tonal neutrality of the sound ... They are, indeed, a true 'monitor' loudspeaker ... and it is accompanied by a level of detail that is rare in a 2.5 way floor-standing design ... a truly exceptional loudspeaker."

More recently, reviewing the Kama 6s Nic Tatham stated "The twin 130 mm drivers generate generous bass, which is also tight and tuneful ... the treble and midrange offer outstanding detail and transparency ... while dynamics remain superbly handled ....(they) do so in a coherent and seemless manner, allowing the tracks to flow.....They're equally at home with a big orchestral piece as grungy rock. And solo piano .... which is one of the hardest instruments to faithfully replicate sounded as though it was being brought to life.... tremendously emotional just as it should do".

Since then we have further improved the Kamas by changing to a papyrus bass-midrange unit from one of Scandinavia's most experienced driver companies that is used in some very expensive overseas loudspeakers, with low distortion which lifts a veil from your music. Also with the Kama 7s we have added a better tweeter that creates even more openness to the upper treble as well as better imaging so more of a sense of "being there" at a live performance.

2.5-way system 2x bass-mid + treble
Frequency response 40 - 20,000Hz ± 3; 70 - 12,000Hz ± 1.5 dB dB
Sensitivity 90 dB/2.83V @ 1m
Impedance 4 ohms, nominal
Recommended Power 20 - 100 W
Size(mm) 900(h)x180(w)x300(d)
Weight 20 kg each
Warranty 7 years
Finishes jarrah wood veneers