Kurka reference monitor centre

"The character of sound of the Kurka centre speaker was simply identical to the mains (Kantus).......Front sound-stage precision was excellent, with lateral sound panning completely smooth." 'Australian HiFi' magazine

Kurka 6

The Kurka 6 is a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker, with a driver configuration optimal for horizontal dispersion according to Floyd O Toole's 2009 book "Sound Reproduction - Loudspeakers & Rooms".
And being the top half of the Kantu 6 with the same extremely high quality components including drivers & crossovers, it has the same fast, open natural sound that make these Legend speakers famous. It will therefore blend perfectly with them to create the seamless soundstage in state-of-the-art home-theatre or music surround-sound system. More details are given on our home-theatre page.

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Size 200(h)x530(w)x380(d) (mm)
Weight 18 kg
Use theatre centre speaker
Mounting horizontal
Drivers 3-way with 2*bass, mid & treble
Frequency response 45 - 25,000Hz ± 3 dB
Efficiency 90dB/W @ 1m
Impedance 4 ohms, nominal
Recommended Power 100-500 W
Warranty 7 years
Finishes Jarrah & black-stained wood veneers