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Customer feedback

Hi Rod

I went to Hifi Junction yesterday for another much more analytical listen of the Kantu 6.

It really is a tremendous speaker - bass was very clean and articulate and tight. Vocals were detailed and smooth. And that tweeter is also very clean and detailed but not harsh or edgy or too soft or artificially sweet. I was very impressed that the bass did not bloom in their small listening area.

Its easily the best speaker I have heard at its price point.



Hi Rod

The speakers (Kantu 6s) have arrived safely and I have them up and playing. They really look neat with the jarrah fronts and they are easier on the ears (than my Kantu 4s). In the short time I have had to listen to them they are not edgy and more relaxing so that is what I was looking for. I am glad I decided to to go with the 6s.



good morning Rod, quick note re Tikandi

i) two, of the better gender, have remarked on the very pleasing appearance of the speakers (these are two very home-design-aware people and, thankfully, one is my wife)
ii) Cathy, aforementioned wife, is thrilled with the sound, particularly its clarity at a lower volume than needed with the Kantu 4's.

I consider their comments to be doubly high praise as they have no 'allegiance' to the hifi world...

And the Kantu 4's are now doing superb service in my workplace - and they hum (in a good way)!

Cheers, Craig


Hi Rod,

I've finally found a little time to provide some feedback on the passive Big Reds I recently purchased. I must say that this is the best money I've spent in hifi ever and I've spent a bit on the hobby over the years. About a year ago I stupidly sold a pair of Kantu 3's and have been missing them ever since. I regretted the decision to sell but it seems now that it was a blessing in disguise as I'd never have found these Reds. I'm powering the speakers from an integrated amp with the sub amps doing their thing with the bottom end. A number of sources are being used including vinyl, cd, streamed music and HT. The Reds excel with everything put to them, even compressed FM. These speakers are certainly the most revealing speaker I've ever owned including the Kantu 3's. Although they are revealing they are never ever too forward or bright. The ceramic tweeter really is a work of art providing intimate detail but never going too far. The midrange is to die for and the bottom end just goes about its business without fuss but when called for has all the fanfare expected. The only way to go up from here is to make them fully active which may be at some stage in the distant future. For the time being I'm more than happy with them the way they are. Great product and highly recommended.



Hi Rod

I went to HFJ today...(the) Kantu 6 is definitely an improvement on the Kantu 4. The midrange is very natural and uncoloured sounding, and quite airy and open. Bass was tight and clean as well. Tweeter also was a bit smoother than the Kantu 4, more enjoyable.

Thanks for your help


Dear Rod

My partner and I went to Carlton Audio Visual to have a listen to a lot of different speakers.
When we heard your Kantu 4 speakers we were blown away with them. The price was over our budget but we just had to have them. They were worth every cent and more. They go beautifully with our Rotel 1070 cd the RC 1090 preamp and the RB 1080 amplifier. What a sound, we enjoy them so much. We would like to thank you and Carlton Audio as their service and patience helped us purchase these fantastic Kantu 4 speakers.</>

Thanking you
Michael & Linda



I auditioned the Big Reds today courtesy of DEQX .......

I was very impressed with the system – the speakers were very detailed and accurate and (too my ear) outperformed a set of Paradigm Signature 8s that I had auditioned yesterday.


PS: I should have said “comprehensively” when I said that the Wirris outperformed the Paradigms. The difference was marked.


Dear Dr. Crawford,

I got the Kurre 5s home safely and listened to them Tuesday night. First listen was not very exciting; I noticed I had to turn up the volume higher compared to my Krix bookshelf (Sensitivity 88dB) and the sound was relatively restrained. After a couple of hours, I realized how well balanced these speakers are. I’ve owned a handful of the top-reviewed speakers in the past 8 years (priced $1500 or below) and these are the most balanced stand-mounts I’ve heard.

I’ve read much about Legend Speakers’ “fast, open, natural sound” and thought the Kurre 5s would sound “bright” with my Rotel gear. The sound was actually noticeably warmer than my old speakers. The Kurre 5’s also had a smoother and yet more detailed sound. I was slow to realise but became more impressed the more I listened. Soon it was 3:00am Wednesday morning and I had to get some sleep to wake up for work. Thank you very much for this speaker design, I may have found it (the sound I’ve been looking for).

Thanks & Regards,


G'day Rod,

well I finally got the Joey 6s home and hooked up in the room that we had purchased them for. It's a small room - our bedroom cum office in fact - and has one wall completely glass, so I thought it might be difficult.

I'm completely blown away, and that's putting it mildly. They sound so fantastic. They are just the right choice for the room because we don't want thumping volume, just articulate, accurate speakers. I listened to a whole range of music - Gershwin, Bach, Bernie McGann, Katie Melua, Dire Straits - it all sounded fantastic. That old saying "I heard things I didn't know were on the CD" proved to be absolutely true.

I suspect that many of us have forgotten what the "fidelity" bit of Hi Fi actually means. We don't often get the "accurate" or "truthful" rendition that the word suggests. Instead we get a muddied and warmed interpretation. With the Joeys I got a real sense that I was getting "true fidelity". Whilst that's a bit of a tautology it also emphasises exactly what is being delivered.

Many thanks again for some great, great speakers.

Kind regards


Hi Rod.

Just thought I'd update you on my experience with the Legend Kantu speakers. I have put my had much deeper into my pocket than expected and bought a Primare I30. I chose the Primare after extensive evaluation and it seemed to be a terrific match for the Kantus with its smooth yet detailed nature. I had a preliminary listen last night and was blown away by what the Kantus can really do. I was initially impressed with my HT receiver powering the speakers but there is really no comparison. If anybody is considering Dr Rod's fantastic speakers make sure you use the best possible amplification you can afford. These speakers really deserve the best signal they can get.

Best Regards.



I've had a lot of speakers over the years incuding currently Quad 22L and formerly Osborn Interlude, Epos M22, Interdyn BT2, Energy Pro 22 and TDL T lines. (edit: I just realised I must be attracted to the '22' models) The Kantus are by far the best and are definitely keepers. I have been reduced to using a very good Marantz DVD player and a Harman HT receiver to power them as I had to sell my cd and integrated to fund the purchase of the Kantus. This current combination is more than satisfactory but as I first heard them with Benchmark amps, Cyrus pre and Chord CD/Dac combo I just won't be able to help myself!



Hi Rod,

Just dropping you a line to let you know that the kama 5's were delivered last Thursday as arranged. I had a read of the (very well detailed!) manual and hooked them up accordingly, bi-wiring from the Exposure 2010 with Linn cable.

WOW!!! I was gobsmacked. Those solid little speakers sound beautiful. The music just flowed, the midrange is drop dead georgeous, the bass fast and solid. Tom Waits sounds so real I swear I can smell his cigarette! These speakers are punching well above their weight compared to the imported brands, I've heard nothing to compare to them for less than three grand.
Dr Crawford, I tips me hat!

C F.


Hi Rod

Received the speakers (Kantu 4s) today along with the Densen gear (from Hifi Junction) and it is wonderful - thank you. I love not only the sound but also the finish of the speakers.



Dear Rod,

I must say that the 'Kurlo 3 ' is the best 'musical - sub' that I have ever listened to. I have waited for almost 2 years to buy the right sub - woofer , comparing it to the likes of Velodyne SPL-R 1200's & also the Whise which is locally made , but the Kurlo 3 always stood out. Congratulations on such an excellent product!!

Kind regards,



Dear Rod

We purchased a pair of Kantu 4s from Carlton Audiovisual last year, as the first stage of an ongoing upgrade to our stereo system. We are both professional musicians (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) and we were immediately bowled over by your speakers’ natural sound. That they clearly out-performed any other speaker we auditioned goes without saying, as we didn’t hesitate to buy them despite their being significantly beyond our initial budget. Since then, we have not regretted our decision for a minute.

I cannot make observations of a technical nature, but wanted simply to report that to these ears, which hear a live orchestra in a good acoustic almost every day, the Kantus sound uncannily like the real thing. They possess a rightness in both treble and bass and in a sense of acoustic and ambience, which makes recorded music an involving, satisfying and often thrilling experience. Subsequent upgrades to our turntable cartridge and power supply have vindicated our choice of your speakers at every stage. Our Kantus are begging for better amplification, but even our humble 10 year-old Marantz amp (PM-66signatureSE) seems to allow them to sing.

We’re sure that the Kantus will remain a part of our lives for many years. Thank you for a very special product. It is not only a bargain, but a life-enhancing joy to have in our home.



Dear Rod,

My wife and I have just purchased a pair of your Kantu 4 speakers ( KT 527) and we are absolutely delighted with their performance. We had been wedded to a pair of Tannoy Saturn 10's for years. We are glad that we made the change - we were most surprised with the bass produced by the Kantu 4's. Prior to purchasing the Kantus we auditioned B&W's and Focal JM - LABS, nearing twice the price, and frankly we were unimpressed.

Thanking you
J & T L


G'day Rod

Thanks for a great pair of speakers - the Kurre 5s have brought new life to my CD collection.



Hi Rod

The speakers (Kantu 4s) are just brilliant. We have found ourselves with tears in our eyes listening to some old favorites (CDs).



hello rod

just wanted to say thanks. I have the 5 kurkas and the kurlo set up in a surround formation, (by Rab) and enjoy them daily.

congrats on your recent awards



Hi Rod

I finally took your advice and biwired the Kurre 4's with the Naim 250, despite Naim's recommendations (using Naim speaker cable).

It certainly is, as you say, a very nice improvement. Separation of instruments, better grip on the bass, and generally more lifelike all round.

They really are the most fantastic little speakers.

best regards


I have purchased a pair of Kurre 4s, a Kurka 4 centre and a Kurlette sub a couple of weeks ago. After a couple of day spent mainly on cosmetics (making sure cables are precision cut to their required lengths, right angles etc.) I have turned my AV system on.

And haven't turned it off since..... After 15 minutes of watching my over-used AV test title (BladeRunner), I had to remind myself that I am not watching it in the post production studio! The speakers simply "disappeared" into a balanced, accurate and wholesome sphere of sounds and music!

I have already started packing my stereo speakers (a separate set of Wharfedale Opus' driven by an ARCAM array of Pre, PA and a CD player) in preparation for replacing them with a pair of Kantu's.

So... Thank you !

A. A.


I emailed you early this week about the Joey 4s and bought them from Audio One to-day. I'm a musician with a forty year career behind me and have had a home studio set-up for about ten years so I was looking for flat near-field monitors. The Joeys are the best near-fields I've ever worked with. They speak the truth.....

Yours sincerely


I have only been using them (Kantu 4s) for a day and they sound sensational. I have so many CDs out and can't make up my mind what to play next. THANK YOU.



I've been using the Kurre 4s for a couple of days now and they are superb, in a different league to the Spendors altogether.

They work well with the Naim gear and produce by far the most open, dynamic and lifelike sound I've heard in my home.

Congratulations on a great achievement, they really are something special.



G'day Rod

Cope Transport delivered the Joeys at 11.00am today- even the packaging was pristine! The guy clearly took care.

They look good in all-black and replace some 10 year old Marantz speakers.

I am trying the Joeys out with a vigorous Quebec trad ensemble - a demanding live CD:
· the mandolin and piano-accordion are wonderfully defined
· furious fiddles have better attack
· multiple voices are more distinct and natural
· the double-bass and bass sax sound remarkably full for such small cabinets.

Thank you for the pleasure I anticipate from the Joeys.

I'll get little work done today as I discover nuances throughout my CD collection!

Cheers, Ken

PS. Feel free to use the above in your marketing.


Hello Rod,

I now have my speakers set up, except the Kurre's which await some brackets from CAV.

This message is primarily to say how pleased I am with them.

The Kantu's, are nothing short of fantastic. The realistic presence they give to classical, acoustic and vocal pieces in particular is nothing short of extraordinary - often breathtaking. Needless to say I am absolutely delighted with them. I have yet to install quality cable and upgrade my amplifier, but it is hard to believe they can get any better.

Before making this choice, I thoroughly researched speakers made by Krix, Sonique and Whatmough speakers, having read in several places that Australian speakers on a dollar for dollar basis are the equal to any and often superior in build quality.

At this stage, I was not even considering Legend but I was immediately impressed by both their sound and build quality.

I have embarked on setting up a high quality sound system (within a budget, of course) and the speakers are the first instalment. I can honestly say they have exceeded my expectations and I am rediscovering my CD collection.

Congratulations and many thanks.




I purchased a pair of Kantu loudspeakers about 3 months ago from Carlton Audio Visual in Melbourne.

Let me just begin by saying that these speakers are an absolute treat. I was made redundant when i purchased these speakers and i listened to them 8 hours a day for 2 months. I rediscovered my music collection. Everything from Underworld to John Coltrane, Mahler to Megadeth and a beautiful pressing of the Buena Vista Social Club on single sided 45rpm 8 record box. And like you say in the instruction manual, "Garbage in, garbage out." I totally agree with. I could really hear the compression in a lot of recordings, for the first time. And recordings that I thought sounded average with my last speakers sound inspiring.

What initially attracted me to them from the competition (B&W CDNT9, PMC FB1) was how neutral they sounded (even though Brett Salwin spoke highly of them before I'd listen to them). I was also impressed on how the deep the soundstage was. Jazz and classical recordings, especially on vinyl, now sound better than their CD counterparts. The amount of deep bass also struck me by surprise. Underworld's Beacoup Fish CD sounded complete. The treble was sweet and never overly bright and the midrange just sung. And that's what I was looking for.

I am running the speakers bi-amped. My system includes: Musical Fidelity X-A1 - driving the treble, 2 X-A50 monoblocs driving the bass. Rega Planar 3 with Ortofon MC20 supreme and ringmat products. Musical Fidelity X-LP phono stage with X-PSU power supply. Marantz CD-67MkII CD player and an old analogue Yamaha tuner. Cables are Cabletalk interconnects and Taralabs bi-wire speaker cable. They were positioned as per the manual, firing straight ahead with the tweeters on the inside. But Brett suggested that I have the tweeters on the outside and with a slight toe in. This for me, transformed the sound. Imaging was sharper with the centre image just hanging there.

To close off I would like to thank you for making such a beautiful loudspeaker. They have brought out the best and worst (CD player) of my system. My 3000 CD's and 200 records have brought me joy. And I have left my 200 plus DVD's by the wayside.




Dear Dr Crawford

I absolutely love the Kangas I have just bought. Very tight clean sound. Well done!



Hello Rod,

I picked up my Kurlo from CAV on Monday of this week. To say that this is an outstanding subwoofer would not do it justice.

The spec for my purchase was always going to be difficult. I use my system for both home theatre and stereo listening and wanted a sub that not only had the depth and capacity to handle DTS/5.1 tracks but could also handle music.

This sub truly performs fabulously under all circumstances, tight and controlled, responsive and powerful, with a build quality to put any o/s speaker at any cost to shame.

Congratulations on a wonderful product, Marcus Miller has never sounded so good.

Kind regards,


Thank you Dr Crawford!!!

Your speakers (Kangas) are just "what the doctor ordered". The best of the best.

And your dealers in Sydney at Hifi Junction (Gary, Chris and David) are the best in Sydney.



Good morning to all at legend,

I remain in awe of my Kurlo subwoofer, and it continues to give great listening pleasure.



I am wrapped in my purchase (a HT system of 5 Kangas and a Kurlo). Accurate effortless sound. A brilliant set of speakers.