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98-99 Sound and Image award - Best in class

Awarding Legend Acoustics the 'Winner of the Home Theatre Speakers 1999' for the Kantus, Kurres, Kurka & Kurlo, the judges said: "With true full-range surrounds and arresting front mains, this ensemble is able to deliver the big effects of movie soundtracks while maintaining the high definition necessary for fine music-only listening. A stunner."

And the full review in Australian HiFi magazine Feb/March 2000 enthused:

"Speaker systems tend to be optimised, whether by performance or the listener's placement, for multi-channel home-theatre or for stereo music. I cannot say this about Legend's system. They sound superb in both roles .....(they) produce that shimmering, almost tangible stereo imaging that makes stereo so enjoyable ......Imaging in all surround sound modes was superb, including the difficult-to-achieve spots between the front and surround speaker at each side. Likewise, sound sourced from the area within the area marked by the speakers sounded just right".

2006 AVL magazine Best Home Theatre Speakers

Similarly Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine said in awarding the Mob 1 system of Joeys, Roos, Kanga & Kurlette the '2006 Best Home Theatre Speaker System':

"The Mob 1 handled finer details beautifully. 'Gadiator' is full of all kinds of sound effects, such as that of the hand moving through grass in the opening scene and the creaking of the Empress' carriage as it travels through the provinces. All this was handled convincingly and with authority ...... "

The famous fast open natural sound of Legend's kangaroo range of loudspeakers makes them ideal for your home-theatre or music surround-sound system. Their power, effortlessness and refinement allows you to equally enjoy the sound of the loudest explosion and the softest falling rain in a movie. Or with multi-channel SACD they will put you in the middle of the most exciting or most serene musical performance. They can be combined in a wide variety of 'mobs' to satisfy your budget. We can highly recommend the systems below as excellent starting points. But you should discuss your requirements carefully with your dealer who can advise you on your particular needs as well as help you install them to the best advantage.

We believe that a good surround-sound system should be equally at home with good music as with good movies. In designing our Mob systems we have avoided the temptation of many manufacturers to make the speaker smaller for smallness’ sake. If the speakers are too small they cannot reproduce proper bass response with a consequence that the subwoofer has to do too much work up to too high a frequency and the bass response becomes localised rather than omnidirectional. All the non-subwoofer speakers in the Mob systems will reproduce bass to below 50 Hz; while their subwoofers can extend this to as low as 20 Hz. Mob systems are therefore capable of recreating an authentic experience of a concert or movie.



Joey Kanga Roo Kurlette


Joey Kanga Roo Kurlo


Kama Kanga Roo Kurlette


Kantu Kurka Roo Kurlo


Kantu Kurka Kurre Kurlo


Tikandi Kebi Plus Kebi Kurlo (optional)

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