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Selecting components

Because Legend loudspeakers are so transparent to musical signals fed to them, their performance will be limited by the quality of the other components in your hifi system. There is no heirachy of importance of hifi components because the hifi chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Any distortion of the sound by any equipment in this chain cannot be corrected by other equipment in the chain. Legend loudspeakers will be a strong link.

We therefore recommend that you use Legend loudspeakers with other high quality equipment. To get the best balance in a stereo system, you should aim to spend about 25% of your budget on your sources (CD player etc), 25% on your amplifier and 40% on your Legend loudspeakers, with the remaining 10% on good quality interconnects and cables.

To get the best from Legend loudspeakers, the equipment you use should have the same fast open sound as them, without hardness or brashness. Athough the list below is by no means exhaustive, some equipment which has been found to work well with Legend loudspeakers are:

CD players


Arcam Alpha 9
Denon DCM-360
Marantz CD-67, 63 and 48
Meridian 508
Music Fidelity A2
NAD 515
Naim CD2
Rotel RCD-951
Rotel RCD-971
Sony XA5ES
Sony SCD-XA9000ES

Arcam Alpha 9
Bryston B-60
Classe CAP-100
Denon DRA-275
Jolida SJ 502A
Marantz PM66
Mark Levinson 29
Music Fidelity A1000
Naim Nait


Home Cinema receivers/processors

Arcam Alpha 7
Arcam T61
Denon 425
Meridian 504
NAD 412
Rotel RT-990BX
Sony ST-SE500

Arcam AV50
Denon AVR-3200
Denon AVP-A1
Meridian 565
Sony E9000ES


Interconnects and Cables

Linn Sondek
Project 6
Rega Planar 2/3

Cable Talk